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Website Coaching Program


Looking to bring your wellness brand online but not sure where to begin? Our Website Coaching Program aims to make the process straightforward.

You’ll learn the basics, like setting up a WordPress site and choosing a hosting plan, as well as more nuanced topics like SEO and blog writing.

We’ll guide you through getting your website noticed by Google and help you attract genuine traffic.

The program also includes practical advice on optimizing images with Canva and understanding the dynamics of platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

On top of that, you’ll get insights into capturing emails, growing an email list, and simple ways to get started with affiliate marketing.

It’s a well-rounded approach to help you navigate the online world at your own pace.

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Take your wellness brand to new heights with our all-inclusive Website Coaching Program! Whether you’re a complete beginner or looking to level up, this program covers it all. We’ll guide you through setting up a WordPress site and choosing the right hosting plan, all the way to mastering SEO and blog writing. Learn how to get your site indexed on Google and attract organic traffic. Plus, dive into the worlds of TikTok and Instagram to make your content go viral. But that’s not all—become an email capturing pro, build a powerful list, and monetize through affiliate marketing on TikTok shop and beyond.

This program involves the following:

  • Setting up a WordPress website Setting up a hosting plan
  • Learning SEO content writing and blog writing
  • How to index your website on Google
  • How to get Google traffic to your website
  • How to set up a fast-performing website
  • How to use Canva to optimize and design high-quality images for your website
  • How to go viral on TikTok
  • How to go viral on Instagram
  • How to capture emails on your website
  • How to build an email list
  • How to make income from affiliate marketing
  • How to make money on TikTok shop as an affiliate

This course is for educational purposes only. Success in this program is dependent on individual effort, work ethic, and other variable factors. No results are guaranteed. While we strive for accuracy, we make no guarantees or warranties about the information provided. Use this course at your own risk. Intelligent Wellbeing is not liable for any losses or damages incurred.

1 review for Website Coaching Program

  1. Ethan (verified owner)

    I’m giving this course 5 stars based on the information, attention to detail and overall customer service. I’m a 34 year old male who knew nothing of tiktok, I now have over 10k followers in just a few weeks and know how to create great content in my niche. I had my first viral video a few days after learning these techniques. Honestly I was skeptical at first. There’s not many coaching programs I’ve taken that’s actually led to results in they way this has. Really worth the investment if you’re a content creator or even just someone looking to expand their reach on your current projects. This program will change the game for sure!

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