the 5 best beef tallow brands for cooking

The 5 Best Beef Tallow Brands for Cooking (2024)

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When it comes to cooking fats, beef tallow is making a robust comeback. Praised for its high smoke point and nutrient-rich profile, this traditional fat offers a range of benefits that are capturing the attention of health enthusiasts and chefs alike. In this culinary revival, it’s crucial to choose the right brand of beef tallow to ensure you’re getting the best quality for your cooking. Here, we’ll explore the five best beef tallow brands, based on a blend of quality, sustainability, and flavor that will make a marked difference in your kitchen creations.

What is Beef Tallow?

Before diving into the brands, let’s clarify what beef tallow is. Simply put, beef tallow is a form of rendered fat that comes from beef. It’s a staple in traditional cooking, known for its high smoke point of around 400°F (250°C), making it ideal for frying and sautéing. But tallow isn’t just for cooking; its rich concentration of vitamins A, D, E, and K, along with essential fatty acids, makes it a nutrient-dense option that aligns well with a holistic health approach.

Why Choose High-Quality Beef Tallow?

The source and quality of beef tallow can dramatically affect not only the taste of your food but also its health benefits. Grass-fed beef tallow is superior because grass-fed cows are typically raised in a more humane, sustainable fashion and their fat is often more nutrient-dense. It’s rich in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), which has been linked to improved weight management and may even reduce the risk of heart disease, as suggested by research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The Criteria for the Best Beef Tallow

Here’s what I’ve looked for when selecting the top beef tallow brands:

  • Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised: Ensuring the cows are raised in their natural habitat and diet.
  • Sustainable Practices: Brands that value sustainable farming and production methods.
  • Minimal Processing: The less processed the tallow, the better the flavor and health profile.
  • Transparent Sourcing: Companies that are open about where they source their beef.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Brands with a history of customer satisfaction.

The Benefits of Cooking with Beef Tallow

Cooking with beef tallow isn’t just a nod to the past; it’s a health-conscious choice for the present. Its high smoke point ensures that it doesn’t oxidize easily, keeping harmful free radicals at bay. Moreover, the monounsaturated fats in tallow, similar to those found in olive oil, are associated with positive cardiovascular health.

How to Use Beef Tallow in Cooking

Beef tallow can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Frying and Sautéing: Its high smoke point makes it ideal for frying and sautéing vegetables, meats, and even baking savory pastries.
  • Flavor Enhancer: A small dollop of tallow can enrich the flavor profile of any dish.
  • Substitute for Oils and Butters: In recipes calling for butter or oil, tallow can often be used as a substitute to add a depth of flavor and nutrients.

Fatworks best beef tallow brand for cooking

#1 Fatworks Grass-Fed Beef Tallow

When it comes to the kitchen, there’s a quiet revolution simmering away, and it’s being led by none other than Fatworks. These guys aren’t just selling beef tallow; they’re selling a manifesto—one jar of gloriously pure, grass-fed beef tallow at a time.

The Fatworks Philosophy: A Fat Revolution

At $18.25 for a 14 oz jar, what Fatworks offers isn’t just a cooking ingredient—it’s a stance against a food industry that’s long demonized fats. Their flagship product is a bold claim in the face of outdated dietary advice: “Fat is back, and it’s here to stay.”

They’re not just talking about any fat, though. Fatworks’ tallow comes from pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed and finished cows, boasting a high smoke point of 375°F. But what’s even more remarkable is their fine-filtering system that satisfies the most stringent gourmet standards while also adhering to Paleo, Keto, and Whole Food diets.

Not Just for Cooking—It’s Skincare, Too!

But wait, there’s more. Fatworks’ tallow isn’t just for your frying pan; it’s also a champion for your skin. This multifaceted product is pulling double duty in the self-care department, proving that what’s good for the gut doesn’t have to stop there.

A Crusade for Quality

Diving into the ethos of Fatworks, you’ll find a mission that’s bigger than beef tallow. They are the self-proclaimed “Defenders of Fat”—a title they take seriously. Their campaign is to educate the public about the virtues of real cooking oils like tallow, lard, and duck fat. But they’re not just spreading the word; they’re providing the goods.

This isn’t just about providing an alternative to industrialized seed oils; it’s about an awakening to the truth behind the vilification of saturated fats. Fatworks stands on research that refutes the link between saturated fat and heart health issues, pushing back against the tides of misinformation.


Their message is clear: Oxidation, not saturated fat, is the enemy. It’s a bold statement, especially when industrialized oils high in polyunsaturates have long been the norm in many households.

Crafting Tradition

Fatworks took it upon themselves to fill a gaping void in the market. They set out to source and create the kind of fats that our ancestors would recognize—pure, simple, and crafted without compromise.

From Farm to Jar

The journey begins with the farmers who share their vision, an endeavor that, by their own admission, wasn’t easy in today’s age of industrial agriculture. By fostering relationships with these dedicated individuals, Fatworks ensures that every jar of tallow isn’t just a product but a testament to the values of humane, hormone-free, and pasture-raised farming.

A Fatworker’s Invitation

Fatworks extends an open invitation to join their fat-forward community, affectionately dubbed “Fatworkers.” These are the gourmets, the health enthusiasts, the history buffs who know that the best apple pies weren’t made with vegetable oil.

They urge you to swap out the butter, shortening, or vegetable oil for their tallow, and taste the difference that traditional fats can make. Because, as they put it, when you introduce real fats back into your diet, you’re not just cooking; you’re making a statement.

The Takeaway

In essence, Fatworks isn’t just about the best grass-fed tallow out there. It’s a beacon for a food revolution, where the truth about fats is embraced, and the art of cooking with them is celebrated. It’s a call to the dinner tables of the world to rediscover the undeniable truth that when it comes to food, fat… works.

To learn more about the importance of saturated fats and cooking oils in your diet, check out this comprehensive guide.


PaleoValley best beef tallow brand for cooking

#2 Grass-Fed Beef Tallow by PaleoValley

The Sizzle on Beef Tallow

PaleoValley’s tallow comes from grass-fed and finished cattle. Why does that matter? Because when cows munch on grass instead of grains, the fat they produce is different – richer in nutrients and better for you.

Nutrient Powerhouse on Your Plate

Tallow from grass-fed cattle, like PaleoValley’s, is loaded with goodies like CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and monounsaturated fats. These fats are not just there to make our food tasty. They play a role in weight management, with CLA aiding in the breakdown of fat and monounsaturated fats keeping you fuller longer. Heart health gets a thumbs up too, with tallow offering properties that could support blood pressure and combat inflammation.

Cooking Oils: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Let’s not shy away from the elephant in the room – the highly processed vegetable and seed oils that have dominated our kitchens. They might be plant-based, but they’re not exactly giving your body the plant power you’d expect. These oils can become unstable when heated, leading to inflammation and oxidative stress. PaleoValley’s beef tallow is stable even when you crank up the heat, which means no harmful byproducts messing with your wellness vibe.

Grass Fed, Heart Happy, Planet Friendly

PaleoValley takes their beef tallow seriously. It’s not just about providing a healthy cooking fat; it’s about a commitment to sustainability. The tallow is sourced from cattle raised on regenerative pastures, meaning they’re not only getting the best diet for nutrient-rich fat but also contributing to a healthier planet. It’s like getting your cake and eating it too, but in this case, it’s steak (or your sautéed veggies).

Say Goodbye to Chemicals

In a world where “natural” can be slapped onto just about anything, PaleoValley walks the walk. Their tallow is free from pesticides, chemicals, and grain – ensuring that what you’re adding to your pan is as clean as it gets. This attention to purity and quality means you’re getting a tallow that’s not only better for your health but also aligns with a more ethical and sustainable approach to farming.

The Verdict: Should You Switch?

Given the pros stacked in its favor, PaleoValley’s 100% Grass Fed Beef Tallow is not just a cooking fat; it’s a statement—a declaration that you’re choosing nutrient density over convenience, health over habit, and sustainability over mass production. Whether you’re whipping up a storm in the kitchen or just looking to elevate your diet, this tallow might just be the switch you need to “beef up” your wellness game.

If you’re keen to give your meals and your health an upgrade, PaleoValley is extending a warm invite to their table – or should I say, their stove? Choose your batch, score up to 20% off, and if you’re loading up with $75 or more, they’ll toss in free shipping. It’s time to let your food thrive in the glow of good fats!


South Chicago packing best beef tallow brand for cooking

#3 South Chicago Packing Wagyu Beef Tallow

The Ultimate Cooking Companion

At $29.99 for a 42oz jar, South Chicago Packing’s Wagyu Beef Tallow isn’t just another ingredient on the shelf; it’s a premium upgrade for any culinary enthusiast. With its buttery texture and rich flavor, this 100% pure Wagyu beef fat transforms everyday cooking into gourmet experiences. From frying and BBQ-ing to sautéing and grilling, its versatility knows no bounds.

Nutritional Harmony in Every Scoop

Health-conscious cooks can rejoice, knowing that this tallow boasts a balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Tailored for Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 followers, it complements a nutritious lifestyle without compromising on taste.

Culinary Creativity Unleashed

Not Just for Savory Dishes

Wagyu Beef Tallow transcends traditional uses. While it’s perfect for searing steaks and moistening briskets, the real surprise comes in its sweet applications. Imagine the rich, indulgent flavor of brownies made with Wagyu tallow instead of the usual oils. It’s an adventurous twist that promises to delight.

A Legacy of Quality and Innovation

With roots stretching back to the historic Chicago Stockyards, South Chicago Packing intertwines its rich heritage with a commitment to excellence. What started with a horse-drawn meat cart has evolved into a culinary powerhouse, specializing in high-end specialty fats that carry over a century’s worth of expertise.

A Piece of History

Embracing the Founders’ Vision

Today, the company stands as a proud representation of its founding principles—quality products backed by unparalleled service. This tallow is a testament to the Miniat family’s dedication to those ideals, driving the company forward as a respected member of the Miniat Family of Companies.

In your kitchen, South Chicago Packing’s Wagyu Beef Tallow is not just an ingredient; it’s a story of American heritage, a nod to sustainable farming, and an invitation to explore the depths of flavor in every dish.


Epic Provisions best beef tallow brand for cooking

#4 Epic Provisions Grass-Fed Beef Tallow

Nutrient-Rich Tradition for a Modern Kitchen

For $13.89, Epic Provisions offers more than just an 11oz jar of Grass-Fed Beef Tallow—it offers a journey back to ancestral cooking. This versatile substance is not just for searing meat but for those who are keen on exploring its multifaceted uses, including natural candle making.

Regenerative Farming: Epic’s Commitment to the Planet

Beyond “Grass-Fed” and “Organic”

EPIC isn’t content with the baseline standards of “grass-fed” or “organic.” Their vision encompasses a greater ecological symbiosis where the production of the finest meat contributes to environmental healing, thus allowing consumers to be a part of something that’s “more good,” not just “less bad.”

Partnerships for the Earth

Aligning with the Savory Institute

EPIC’s pride in sponsoring The Savory Institute shines through their dedication to holistic land management practices. This partnership reflects a shared commitment to restore and enhance the richness of the land.

Holistic Land Management: The EPIC Way

A Strategy Against Desertification

EPIC’s chosen ranchers utilize rotational grazing to combat soil depletion and desertification. This method is a clear contrast to destructive overgrazing and a stand against the chemical fertilizers that harm our ecosystems.

The Livestock as Land Healers

In an EPIC revelation, when managed with care, livestock alone can reverse the degradation of land, turning deserts back into vibrant pastures—a stark transformation visible even across a simple fence line.

The Core of Nutrition: Soil Health

Vital Soil, Vital Food

The alarming correlation between the nutrient density of our food and the health of the soil it’s grown in is undeniable. As soil health dictates food quality, Epic Provisions advocates for farming practices that enrich the soil, consequently enriching our food.

Biodiversity: The Hallmark of a Healthy Ranch

Thriving Ecosystems

At the heart of holistic land management is biodiversity. EPIC’s approach fosters environments where wildlife flourishes, exemplifying the true potential of well-managed pastureland.

Grass: The Unsung Hero in Carbon Sequestration

The remarkable ability of healthy grass to sequester carbon dioxide is an asset in the fight against climate change. With EPIC’s tallow, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re supporting a system that champions carbon reduction through regenerative grassland farming.

In every jar of Epic Provisions Grass-Fed Beef Tallow lies a connection to the earth, a contribution to sustainability, and a commitment to nurturing the planet—one meal at a time.


Essential Depot best beef tallow brand for cooking

#5 Essential Foods Grass-Fed Beef Tallow

Unadulterated Quality for Culinary and Artisanal Use

At $29.97, Essential Foods offers a 1 Quart (32 oz) container of pure, Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, perfect for those who appreciate the finest in kitchen essentials and artisan crafts. This beef tallow is more than just a cooking ingredient—it’s a staple for the creative at heart.

Packaging Integrity and Product Assurance

Safe and Convenient

Shipped in a safety-sealed HDPE container with a resealable lid, this product promises freshness and quality, ensuring that what arrives at your door is as pure as it was when rendered.

Pure and Natural Ingredients

Clean and Trustworthy

This creamy, unbleached beef tallow is free from additives, reflecting Essential Foods’ commitment to purity. With no gluten, lactose, glutamate, or GMOs, it is also compliant with USP standards, providing a product you can trust for various uses.

Versatility in Use

Culinary and Beyond

Whether you’re crafting the hardest, longest-lasting soaps or elevating your cooking, this beef tallow is versatile. It’s a boon for those who embrace a holistic approach to consumption and creation.

Seasonal Considerations

Mindful Ordering

Essential Foods is transparent about the nature of their product. They advise on consistency changes during warmer months and offer guidance for those requiring a solid-state product year-round.

Commitment to Quality

Greener Life Diamond

Essential Depot, the purveyor of Essential Foods’ tallow, doesn’t just supply products; they provide a philosophy—The Greener Life Diamond—ensuring that customers not only receive quality ingredients but also support ethical, greener living.

Community and Support

Beyond Business

With benefits such as discounts, free products, and educational resources, being part of the Greener Life Club turns a purchase into participation in a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle.

A Call to Spread the Word

Engaged and Responsive

Essential Foods values customer satisfaction above all and maintains an active social media presence to keep customers informed and engaged, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs met.

In purchasing Essential Foods’ Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, you’re not just investing in a product but supporting a company that prides itself on ethical practices, quality ingredients, and a commitment to the community and the environment.


A Connoisseur’s Conclusion: Selecting Supreme Beef Tallow

Diving into the world of beef tallow, we’ve discovered that not all fats are created equal. Each brand we’ve explored—Fatworks, Paleo Valley, South Chicago Packing, Epic Provisions, and Essential Depot—brings a unique flair to the table, offering discerning consumers a variety of choices. Whether you’re a gourmet home chef, a DIY skincare aficionado, or a health enthusiast, there’s a tallow out there that’s perfect for your pantry and principles.

Fatworks prides itself on being a pioneer in the craft of artisanal fat, offering tallow that appeals to those with a passion for tradition and purity in their cooking fats. For those seeking to infuse their culinary creations with history and flavor, Fatworks is a brand that resonates.

Paleo Valley provides a product that caters to the Paleo enthusiast, ensuring that every spoonful of their tallow aligns with the dietary tenets of ancient nutrition. Their commitment to the Paleo diet principles assures customers of their dedication to health and nutritional integrity.

South Chicago Packing brings a touch of the Windy City’s meat-packing heritage to your home. Their tallow is not only a nod to a bygone era but also an indication of enduring quality and robust flavor, suited for those who value legacy and taste.

Epic Provisions—with its grass-fed beef tallow priced at $13.89 for 11oz—stands as a testament to the brand’s devotion to ecological restoration and holistic land management. This is for those who want their purchase to reflect their environmental stewardship.

Essential Depot, on the other hand, presents its 1-quart container of tallow at $29.97, placing a premium on the unbleached, non-hydrogenated purity of its product. With a commitment to the Greener Life Diamond and a focus on greener life choices, this is for the consumer who puts ethical sourcing and versatile purity at the forefront.

When it comes down to the final choice, consider these factors:

  • Culinary vs. Artisanal: Fatworks and South Chicago Packing might attract those focused on culinary excellence, while Essential Depot appeals to both the cook and the soap maker.
  • Dietary Philosophy Alignment: If your dietary lifestyle is closely tied to Paleo principles, Paleo Valley offers a tallow that’s congruent with your food philosophy.
  • Environmental and Ethical Standards: Epic Provisions could be your choice if you’re keen on supporting brands that engage in restorative environmental practices.
  • Purity and Health Consciousness: Essential Depot’s focus on an additive-free, clean product might sway those with stringent health and purity requirements.
  • Value for Money: Fatworks and South Chicago Packing offer options that might better fit budget-conscious consumers without compromising on quality.

Each brand’s beef tallow reflects not just a culinary choice, but a lifestyle one. From the Paleo devotee to the environmental crusader, the artisan craft lover to the budget-wise consumer, there’s a tallow out there that not only satisfies your needs but also aligns with your values.

Your final decision embodies your personal ethos, be it Paleo Valley’s ancestral health approach, Fatworks’ commitment to tradition, South Chicago Packing’s heritage of quality, Epic Provisions’ dedication to the planet, or Essential Depot’s ethical sourcing and community education. It’s more than just about taste; it’s about participating in a culture that values health, heritage, and the health of our planet. Now, with a full spectrum of information, you’re well-equipped to make that informed choice that feels right, tastes right, and does right by the world.


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