7 best beef liver capsule supplements

7 Best Beef Liver Capsule Supplements (2024)

I’ve searched all corners of the beef liver marketplace and found the 7 best beef liver capsule supplements available. Beef liver, organ meats, and other nose-to-tail products have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Public figures such as Brian Johnson AKA “The Liver King” and Paul Saladino AKA “CarnivoreMD” have helped contribute to a surge of interest in these products by preaching about the laundry list of benefits they may have.

Their message is similar: modern culture and civilization have almost wholly abandoned the inclusion of animal organ meats in our diet. These two figures have led the charge in trying to help people return to “ancestrally consistent” ways of eating that they believe have endless health benefits.

The belief is that abandonment of these ancestral ways of living and omission of these foods from our diet has contributed to us being sick, depressed, anxious, and overweight. With more organ meats in our diet, we could get the nutrition our body craves, helping fight disease while also helping curb appetite from low-nutrition foods.

If you want to jump right to the list of the 7 best beef liver supplements you can click here. Otherwise, we’ve compiled some interesting facts about beef liver supplements for you below.

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What are beef liver supplements?

Beef liver supplements typically consist of freeze-dried beef liver, desiccated and ground into dust, then packaged into gelatin capsules. A lot of people don’t like the taste of beef liver, so it’s no wonder why these pills have become so popular for those wanting to get the health benefits of liver without actually eating it raw or cooking it.

In the world of beef liver supplements, beef liver has been widely referred to as “nature’s multivitamin”. Beef liver is undoubtedly one of the most nutrient-dense foods available to us. Beef liver is packed with CoQ10, choline, copper, folic acid, bioavailable heme iron, potassium, selenium, Vitamin K2, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B9, Vitamin A, zinc, and protein. Some of the best high-quality beef liver supplements may also be good sources of rare peptides. Peptides are short-chain amino acids linked by peptide bonds.

What are the benefits of beef liver supplements?

Because of the nutrient bioavailability of animal products, they make for some of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. Compared to plants, animal products have a much higher nutrient density which makes them the optimal choice for improving your overall health

Beef liver’s long list of bioavailable vitamins and minerals can aid in numerous bodily functions. Beef liver is also a great source of rare peptides. Peptides help your body fight high blood pressure, kill dangerous microbes, reduce inflammation, act as antioxidants, boost your immune system, and more.

Supports healthy aging and longevity

Because of beef liver’s ability to help the body produce more collagen through the mechanisms run by retinol, the signs of aging can be greatly reduced by consuming beef liver on a regular basis. Additionally, beef liver can aid in lengthening a person’s longevity by boosting overall health, mood, endurance, and performance.

Supports optimal skin health

Beef liver supplements contain something called preformed Vitamin A or retinol. This form of Vitamin helps the skin by increasing the production of collagen, thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the skin.

Supports mood and energy levels

The numerous vitamins and minerals in beef liver help the mind and body maintain healthy energy levels. Thanks to the zinc, folate, copper, B Vitamins, and other fat-soluble vitamins found in beef liver, the body can better support a good mood and baseline energy level that doesn’t roller coaster or crash at the end of the day.

Supports immune function

There are various vitamins and minerals that help boost immune function and fight off disease. Beef liver is a great source of these. Some include Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Folate, Iron, Selenium, and zinc.

Not to mention, because beef liver is typically freeze-dried, the contents of these vitamins and minerals may be even higher in beef liver supplements making them one of the best ways to get these compounds into your body.

Supports brain health

Thanks to the plethora of B Vitamins found in beef liver, you can expect an almost immediate boost in cognition and brain health after taking them. Especially if you were deficient, to begin with. These vitamins help with neurological function which can help reduce symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, and low energy.

Supports healthy teeth and bones

The bioavailable K2 (the superior form of its plant-derived counterpart K1) helps the body mineralize and absorb calcium.

Supports a strong libido

The zinc found in beef liver can help ward off low testosterone in men. Zinc has been shown to aid in low testosterone levels in men with hypogonadism. Symptoms of low zinc include low muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, and low sex drive.

Supports endurance and exercise performance

Beef liver contains numerous vitamins and minerals that aid in exercise performance and endurance. The heme iron, zinc, B Vitamins, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and selenium all help the body perform at peak levels.

Supports healthy blood sugar levels

There is a strong correlation between higher levels of Vitamin D in the blood during childhood and a lowered risk of type 1 diabetes.

Beef liver supplements are purity tested and safe

Because of the minimal processing that takes place with animal-based supplements such as beef liver capsules, and the amount of care that goes into raising the cattle, beef liver supplements provide some of the safest and most pure sources of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, the majority of them are 100% free from pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, additives, and allergens.

Are beef liver supplements as good as raw beef liver?

There is no definitive proof or research confirming whether raw beef liver is higher in potency than taking beef liver supplements. However, it is speculated that because of the freeze drying process, beef liver supplements may contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals compared to its raw counterpart.

Is it safe to take beef liver supplements?

Beef liver supplements are safe to take. These supplements undergo scrutinous lab testing and purity tests to ensure the safest quality of the product is reaching the customer. Beef liver supplements are possibly safer than eating beef liver raw as they have a lower chance of containing dangerous bacteria found in raw meat and organs.

Does beef liver help alleviate anxiety?

Because of beef liver’s ability to help improve brain health through mechanisms aided by its vitamin and mineral profile, beef liver may be a great alternative to traditional anxiety relief medication. For those who are reluctant to take pharmaceutical drugs for things like anxiety relief, consider incorporating beef liver supplements into your diet and see if they improve your symptoms.best beef liver capsules pricing tablebest beef liver supplement Nutricost capsules

1 – Nutricost Grass-Fed Desiccated Beef Liver Capsules

The Nutricost Grass-Fed Desiccated Beef Liver Capsules are the most affordable on our list of the 7 best beef liver supplements coming in at $0.63 per serving. These make a great affordable alternative for those who aren’t looking to spend $40+ per month on beef liver capsules

Their beef liver supplements are made from beef liver that comes from Argentina and has twice the servings per container as most beef liver supplements on the market which usually range from 30-45 servings per bottle. Nutricost has a total of 60 servings per bottle.

Their beef liver supplements come in a plastic bottle, and one serving is equivalent to eating one ounce of raw beef liver. Additionally, all of their supplements come with several product guarantees. They are all non-GMO, quality assured, 3rd party tested, GMP compliant, and gluten-free.

Personally, I like Nutricost’s products. They always have competitive prices and I usually get my creatine from them.

Best beef liver supplements MK Supplements

2 – MK Supplements

Michael Kummer is a blogger and healthy-living enthusiast. He owns and operates michaelkummer.com. His blog has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, and more. Michael talks the talk and walks the walk. This guy is clearly passionate about health and health trends.

He developed his own line of desiccated beef liver supplements after trying many of them out himself. He ultimately wanted something he could control the quality of, and eventually developed a line of beef liver supplements under his MK supplements brand.

His beef liver capsules meet all the standard requirements for a quality product. They are grass-fed, grass-finished, organic, GMO-free, hormone-free, pesticide-free, and small batch.

Not to mention, MK capsules come in nifty little glass bottles that are recyclable and lessen the risk of phthalates getting into your body. What’s more, these beef liver supplements are the second most affordable on our list coming in at $0.98 per serving. These are definitely a contender for best overall beef liver supplement.

Best beef liver supplements Enviromedica

3 – Enviromedica

The beef liver supplements from Enviromedica are another high-quality contender on our list. Much like a few other examples on our list, the beef liver in these pills are sourced exclusively from New Zealand bovine. They are pasture-raised, grass-fed, grass-finished, and ethically farmed with regenerative farming practices.

Enviromedica is a brand that believes in ancestral traditions and nutrition. They believe in taking an innovative approach to health and wellness with a strong foundation in science-backed principles. This is a brand with your best interest in mind, a branch that aims to create products in a symbiotic way with nature that doesn’t cause damage to the environment.

Additionally, Enviromedica’s beef liver supplements are the third most affordable on our list, making them a strong candidate in our list of best beef liver supplements.

Best beef liver supplements Vital Proteins

4 – Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins has a line of products aimed at helping people live more vibrant lives. Their products aim to encourage healthy aging of the body, hair, skin, and nails. Their beef liver supplements are tied for the 4th most affordable version of beef liver capsules.

Best beef liver supplements Ancestral Supplements

5 – Ancestral Supplements

Perhaps the most famous of the 7 best beef liver supplements, we’ll call these the Liver King beef liver supplements. Founded by Brian Johnson AKA “Liver King”, Ancestral Supplements makes their message loud and clear: restore people’s strength, health, and happiness.

Brian Johnson is not your typical supplement company owner. This guy works hard, and it shows in his principles, his tenacity, and his physique. He believes that with the addition of organ meats into your diet, you can increase your inherent strength and resilience and get closer to becoming your best self.

The Ancestral Supplements beef liver capsules have countless positive reviews, and if you support Brian’s mission, this may be the best beef liver supplement for you.

Best beef liver supplements Heart and Soil Supplements

6 – Heart and Soil Supplements

Heart and Soil Supplements is owned by none other than Paul Saladino AKA “CarnivoreMD”. Paul too, is a proponent of living an ancestrally consistent lifestyle, and developed Heart and Soil supplements to help regular people without access to high-quality organ meat an easy way to get it into their diet.

Their beef liver supplements are only available in a beef organ blend at this time. For that reason, the cost is a bit higher. The capsules come in a glass jar, as Paul believes strongly that the constant exposure to plastic particles and phthalates in our life have contributed to our degrading health, low levels of fertility, and inconsistent hormone health.

Best beef liver supplements Hirsch

7 – Hirsch

Hirsch beef liver supplements are sourced exclusively from Britain. They’re sourced from Soil Association-certified organic farms in the UK and are free from GMOs, pesticides, hormones, and are 100% grass-fed.

We put Hirsch on our list because of their clear dedication to quality. Their products are certified organic, and glyphosate-free. They bottle their beef liver supplements in glass which shows their dedication to going the extra mile for consumer health. Additionally, they utilize regenerative farming practices to source their beef liver supplements.

Our Final Verdict on Best Beef Liver Supplements

My choice for best on this list would have to go to MK Supplements. Simply for the comparable quality, they promise plastic-free packaging, the promise of a glyphosate-free product, and an unbeatable price. This one is a no-brainer.

If you’re a fan of the work of Brian Johnson and Paul Saladino like I am, you may choose to support them by buying their products. Either way, anything on this list is a good choice.

Best beef liver supplements MK Supplements

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