Heart and Soil Supplements My Review 2023

My Heart & Soil Supplements Review: 2024

Everywhere I turn on social media, be it Joe Rogan’s podcast, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok, there Paul Saladino is, spreading the gospel of animal-based nutrition and the remarkable health benefits it offers, especially through the inclusion of organ meats. As I delved deeper into his written works, videos, and podcast, “The Fundamental Health Podcast,” I realized I had stumbled upon a revolutionary approach to holistic wellness.

Dr. Saladino’s philosophy resonated with me, and the idea of embracing more animal products while honoring their true health potential fascinated me. However, as much as I embraced the concept, the thought of eating organ meats left me feeling a bit squeamish. That’s when I discovered the perfect solution – Heart & Soil supplements, the brainchild of Dr. Saladino himself.

Heart & Soil is on a mission to revolutionize the way we approach nutrition and wellness. Their line of regeneratively farmed, New Zealand grass-fed and grass-finished, flow-agent-free bovine organ supplements is specifically designed to nourish our bodies with the vital nutrients needed for optimal performance. Intrigued by Dr. Saladino’s message, I knew I had to experience the magic of Heart & Soil supplements firsthand.

I embarked on a journey to explore the wonders of Heart & Soil supplements, eager to discover how they could elevate my holistic wellness game. Would these supplements truly deliver the promised benefits? Could they provide the nutrients my body craved without the need to eat organs directly? Armed with curiosity and excitement, I began incorporating Heart & Soil supplements into my daily routine, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

In this review, I will share my personal experience with each Heart & Soil product I’ve tried, highlighting the incredible impact they had on my energy levels, sleep quality, digestion, and overall sense of wellbeing. As someone dedicated to embracing a holistic approach to wellness on my website, I couldn’t wait to see how Heart & Soil supplements aligned with my values and philosophy.

Dr. Saladino’s message has ignited a spark within me, and with Heart & Soil supplements, I’m ready to take my wellness to new heights.

Heart and soil supplements review Fire Starter

Fire Starter

One of the first products I tried was Fire Starter, a pure fat supplement made from kidney suet. Packed with stearic acid, this supplement works as a catalyst, turning on mitochondria, boosting metabolism, and aiding in the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients from other Heart & Soil products. Since incorporating Fire Starter into my routine, my energy levels have skyrocketed, my concentration has improved, and my skin and hair are much healthier.



Heart and soil supplements review Bone Marrow and Liver and Beef Organs

Beef Organs and Bone Marrow

Two foundational products in the Heart & Soil lineup are Bone Marrow and Liver and Beef Organs. I consider these as my daily multivitamins, delivering a well-rounded dose of highly bioavailable vitamins and nutrients. They have a profound effect on my overall well-being and have quickly become an essential part of my supplement regimen.


Heart and soil supplements review Gut And Digestion

Gut and Digestion

Heart & Soil’s Gut and Digestion supplement is a specialty product designed to support a healthy gastrointestinal system. By combining this with Ion Biome, I have experienced reduced gut inflammation, improved nutrient absorption, and minimized gas and bloating. If you struggle with gut issues, this product is worth trying.


Heart and soil supplements review Histamine & Immune

Histamine and Immune

For those seeking immune support and relief from histamine intolerances, Histamine and Immune supplement is a great addition. As someone concerned about immune health, especially during challenging times like the COVID era, this organ blend has been a valuable boost.


Heart and soil supplements review Life Blood

Life Blood

Life Blood may sound intimidating, but it is a valuable source of vitality and oxygen support. For those with anemia or looking to enhance athletic performance, this supplement provides an excellent solution.


Heart and soil supplements review Immunomilk


Immunomilk, made from grass-fed colostrum, is a nutrient-rich milk that supports the immune system, gut health, and skin issues like psoriasis. Combining this with other immune-boosting supplements enhances its efficacy.


Heart and soil supplements review Bone Matrix

Bone Matrix

Ground bone powder in the form of Bone Matrix provides essential nutrients, minerals, and connective tissues to strengthen your skeletal structure. Ideal for those with calcium deficiencies or older individuals seeking skeletal support.


Heart and soil supplements review Skin Hair And Nails

Skin Hair & Nails

Skin Hair & Nails is the ultimate collagen supplement, promoting wound healing, radiant skin, and strong nails. Both men and women can benefit from this bioactive collagen supplement.


Heart and soil supplements review Whole Package

Whole Package

Now, let’s delve into the remarkable benefits of “Whole Package” – a powerful blend of bull testicles, liver, and blood. This unique supplement offers a natural approach to hormonal balance, boosting strength, energy, and overall self-confidence. Since incorporating it into my daily routine, I’ve witnessed increased strength gains and a more steady energy flow throughout the day. With Whole Package, embracing life’s challenges becomes second nature, making it a must-have addition to any holistic wellness regimen.


Heart and soil supplements review her Package

Her Package

Among the remarkable Heart & Soil supplements, “Her Package” stands out for its undeniable online reviews and praise. Designed for women, this supplement is made with grass-fed and finished uterus, fallopian tubes, liver, kidneys, and ovaries. Although I haven’t personally tried it, the overwhelming feedback from women attesting to enhanced femininity, improved pheromones, and hormonal balance is truly captivating. The positive impact it has had on women’s lives makes “Her Package” a highly recommended addition to any holistic wellness journey.


Heart and soil supplements review mood Memory and Brain

Mood Memory & Brain

Mood Memory & Brain, a blend of brain, bone marrow, and liver, delivers improved focus, mental clarity, and a more positive outlook. If you seek a natural cognitive boost, this is an excellent choice.



Heart and Soil supplements have revolutionized my holistic wellness journey and will continue to do the same for many others on the animal-based journey. By incorporating these regeneratively farmed, nutrient-rich organ supplements into my diet, I have experienced significant improvements in energy, sleep, digestion, and overall well-being. For anyone following a carnivore diet or aiming to integrate high-quality animal foods into their lifestyle, Heart & Soil is a game-changer.

Dr. Saladino has truly hit the mark with these supplements, and I eagerly await any new products the brand releases. Heart & Soil supplements have become a staple in my wellness routine, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to unlock the full potential of animal-based nutrition. So, keep an eye on my website for updates on Heart & Soil products and my continued journey toward optimal holistic wellness.

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